Hi, my name is hanna.
I am a multidisciplinary design student currently doing a master degree at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. I have previously studied social anthropology at NTNU. I am eager to  combine social sciences, service and interaction design in order to make design that matters.
Aaaaaaand I love travelling, listening to jazz, playing sports and eating ice cream. 

2015  -                Master of Design, AHO
2014  -  2015     Sosial anthropology, NTNU 
2012  -  2013     Studiespesialiserende, Adolf Øien videregående skole
2011  -  2012      A levels, City of Norwich School
2010  -  2011     Studiespesialiserende med utenlandsopphold, Trondheim Katedralskole 

Sep  2019  -  Sep 2019    Exhibition design for FLOKK 
Oct  2016  -  Aug 2018     Waitress, Kamai
Jun  2017  -   Aug 2017     Summer internship as service designer, Technip FMC
Mar 2015  -  Aug 2015     Assistant, Blussuvoll ungdomsskole 
Oct  2013  -  Aug 2015     Waitress/kitchen, Krem mat og kaffehus
Aug 2013  -  Jan 2014       Assistant, Bromstad kindergarten
Oct  2012  -  Jul  2013       Waitress, Noora kafe
Jul  2012   -  Oct 2012       Waitress, San Sebatian, tapas og vinbar

I included all my work experience here because even though most of it its not in the field of design, it has been valuable to me as a designer. Working as a waitress or in a kindergarten though me things that I would not have learned through design education. After all, design is mostly about getting to know people, their needs and every day life. 

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