Adidas Eco Fighters. A group project in collaboration with Adidas. 
During the insight and research phase, the most important thing we discovered was that children can be very engaged in serious matters as long as the offering is easy and playful. It was important to acknowledge that the customer is the parent, and the child is the user.  Therefore a solution would have to appeal to both.  
A pamphlet is along with the box, the first thing the customer will meet. These touchpoints are eye-catching and an interest brewer for both kids and parents. The box consists of the eco shoes from Adidas, an environmental problem, activities and rewards + fun facts and a link for further exploration. 

The box
With the box's fun and clever design it offers multiple uses, one of which is the“bag”. As soon as the purchase is made the child will get ownership of the bag and will carry it home proud and exited! This also eliminates the use of plastic bags. When they get home, The user hangs the box on the wall and it becomes a check board for the activities. This gives the box a purpose until it is used to return the shoes to the store. 
The activities
The first activity is to collect and recycle bottles. This is something that Norway has a good system for and we expect it to be more widespread in the future. By observing grocery stores, we saw that this is something kids enjoy already. The second activity is about cleaning the outdoors. It could be attending at a typical beach cleaning day, cleaning the neighbourhood or just picking up trash on the way home from school. The last activity is to find creative ways to make something cool out of trash. 

For adidas, this concept means that they still meet the needs of parents who wants to buy quality products for their children, while at the same time appealing more to the kids. Being active does not always mean doing sports but also being active in everyday life and actively being part of adidas circular economy. Adidas would get the materials they send out to the user back, so that it could be reused or recycled in an appropriate manner. By rewarding both parents and children, they could get loyal customers. As rewards would be collected at the store, Adidas could achieve additional sales.
This concept introduces kids to the world's environmental problems and circular economy in a playful way. Kids get a stronger ownership of their quality shoes by having the opportunity to add effects that change their expression. The kid hopefully gets motivated to help both parents and the world, and feel like they're part of something bigger.
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