‘Trust Is Work’ is a publication that gathers the outcome of the master course called ‘Design Studio: Digital Urban Living’ autumn 2019. Through design we have explored how to facilitate for societal participation and trust in a Nordic digital shift. The Nordic Model and the values it embodies are challenged by digitalisation. In order to design for a sustainable development, we need to get an understanding of what these values mean in a digital context.

During our research we identified trust as both a driving force and a resource for design, innovation and service development. Trust can be a competitive advantage, a resource for designing new services and for questioning old service systems.

To get an understanding of how trust unfolds today, we travelled across the Nordic region to experience culture and different services first hand. Through collaboration with DOGA and the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, we explored how the level of trust and change across society affects future life in Norway.

Lastly we were joined by artist and writer James Bridle to create a poster exhibition, reflecting on our work. What are the digital equivalents of the things, values and rights our trust is built on?

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