Motivating young children to join a walk can be difficult, whether it's to the store, to visit grandparents or just a Sunday stroll. Making the activity fun can help both parents and kids!
Eventur is an app designed to make these walks more fun. The target group is children from 3-5 years old. 
When you walk, Even brings an animal, and walks with you. He counts your steps and lets you know how many more you need to walk before the animal evolves. The longer the walk is, the more funny the animal becomes. 
When you reach your destination, catch the animal with the hoof and keep it with the other weird looking creatures. 
Even watches your animals until next time you are going for a walk, but you might want to keep them happy by feeding and picking up after them!
4 weeks, group project: Hanna Øfsti, Maria Traasdahl, August Eriksen, Emilie Langlof
3rd semester, AHO 
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