Research shows that mourners who have access to good social support experience less hopelessness, anxiety, depression and complicated reactions. However, many find that friends shy away from such a situation. FAVN is a service to help people take the first step into a difficult conversation.

Almost two years ago my best friend lost her dad. She was 21 years old and experienced earlier than most, something you can never really prepare for. She was surrounded by a large network, including a boyfriend and many friends. Because he had been sick for a while, we all thought we were prepared to help, but when he died, I realised no one knew how. What do you say when words are not enough and what do you do when it feels like nothing helps?

A digital platform.
FAVN offers networks support through a digital platform. The application allows you to gain insight into the ups and downs of others in the same situation. The FAVN forum enable people to share experiences and tips. It's a place for conversation and difficult questions. In the application you can also buy handmade FAVN stones. They are symbols of the warmth and naturalness networks wants to convey, and are ment to make the first step into a difficult conversation easier. Like journeys of grief, all the stones are unique.
Take the first step!
The loss of a loved one will for most people become a reality after returning to their everyday life, and for many, the most important way of coping is through support and assistance. It is therefore a great need for a service that addresses the situation and allows for an openness to the pain that accompanies loss.
Daring to meet people in grief allows for change, growth and development for both parts of the interaction. FAVN is a service that provides social support for networks under stress so that they can give more to grieving friends.

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