Føremeldingen is a service provided by Skiforeningen. It consists of short reports from different areas to give people information about the skiing conditions in and around Oslo. We were challenged to  redesign the process and tools around it. 
A network of volunteers, sports clubs, snow groomers and administration are involved in the prosess of making føremeldingen. In this project we focused on the snow groomers and their tool for reporting, because we think that the experience of making and editing the information, affects what service is delivered to the end users.  We made a flexible solution where groomers can change the status of trails, add pictures and write reports. 
The snow groomers already report through a form on a digital platform. Most of them found it  impossible to fill it out on the phone. Therefore a lot of them do it from their computer at home before they have even been outside to see the conditions. Once the form is sent in, the snow groomers are not able to edit it. If there needs to be changes they have to call the Editor at the Ski Association.
Our goal was to make a tool that can ease the process of making føremeldingen and create pride among the people involved. A personal profile could  give groomers a sense of belonging and commitment to føremeldingen. The ski associations goal is to get people out, but at the same time create an honest picture of the conditions. Providing visual information could be both inspiring and informative. Føremeldingen includes pictures today, but we saw that they were often outdated. In our proposal, we added a way for snow groomers to publish pictures from their camera roll.  
Group project with Anna Regine Endal in collaboration with Bekk

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