Our main user for this project was hobby chefs. We defined them as people with an interest in cooking who are willing to spend above average on equipment for the kitchen. We wanted to use professional chefs in the research phase to see if anything in the professional kitchen could be transferred to the home kitchen.
When talking with and observing the professionals, we got the impression that composing new dishes and using the taste senses was essential for their sense of achievement. The head chef at Maemo said: «Tasting doesn’t come naturally. That’s why I’m here to make sure these guys taste constantly» This was something we wanted to work with. After testing and printing countless prototypes, we proceeded with six different tools for tasting. 
The different tools are specialised for tasting food with different consistency and precision. The production method is additive manufacturing. 

3 weeks, group project: Hanna Øfsti, Elias Olderbakk and Markus Gundersrud
4th semester, AHO 
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