How can we move from evaluating people based on the sick note, to giving them the chance to do adapted tasks and create value while on sick leave?
It is far better if the person concerned can work partly or completely with adapted tasks. NAV Arbeidslivsenter can provide advice on how this can be done. According to the working environment act, Work should  be health-promoting and meaningful.  This means that doing some kind of work could actually make people recover faster.
This solution is inspired by task boards. It's a tool used by individuals, or teams to represent work that should be done. To the employee, this means being followed up and having a real chance of getting facilitated work. The main user would be people that are not sure if the sick leave will be extended or not. This solution could make it easier to keep in contact with employer and work environment, create value right from the beginning, and create a softer transition to coming back.

1 week project for NAV

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